Social dinner and drinks in amongst the historical sights of Lecce.

Palazzo Turrisi - Palumbo dates back to the 17th century and is located between Via Basseo, Vico dei Sotterranei and Corte degli Anibaldi in Lecce's historic centre. The palace was built as a house for a noble family, the Turrisi - Palumbo family, and later passed to the Archiepiscopal Curia. It is one of Lecce's jewels. Already from the courtyard one can see the richness of the columns, decorations and arches, in which the ever-present Lecce Stone (“Pietra Leccese”) is clearly visible.

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The Thursday afternoon excursion will take you to any of these places.

Lecce, the cultural fulcrum of Salento (Apulia), is one of the most beautiful art cities in southern Italy, known as the "Florence of the South". It is both a city of history and art: its ancient Messapian origins and its archaeological ruins left behind after Roman domination, fuse with the richness and exuberance of the Baroque churches and buildings dated back to 1600. It also combines elements of Greek, Arab and Norman presence and culture. The original style of this city is enriched by the characteristic color - dazzling in the sunshine - of its buildings, made of a local chalky material called "Lecce stone".

Lecce is also a capital of Italian cooking built on a local tradition of simple ingredients and robust red wines. Century-old olive groves stretch over the countryside, whereas a short distance away are wild beaches with a clear azure sea famous for diving and picturesque rocky caves.

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